A female Television sports presenter with CSN Chicago was sacked from her job for a minor mistake on air. She had excitedly shouted ?sex,? while she meant to say ?success.? This was after the Chicago Blackhawks won a thrilling play-off game against Minnesota Wild in the NHL. The victory elicited wild jubilation among fans.

The presenter, Susannah Collins in the heat of the excitement, slipped up over her words, reporting on the ?tremendous amount of success? the Blackhawks has enjoyed.

Instead, she said the players had enjoyed a “tremendous amount of sex”, but stopped to correct herself immediately.

But the story took a sour turn when Collins was sacked by the network within days of the gaffe. Phil Bedella, vice president of CSN Chicago, said: “Due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night, Susannah Collins and Comcast SportsNet Chicago have parted ways.”

The “circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks” were allegedly a series of videos Collins made called ‘Sports Nutz’, which you know were extreme because the name ended with a ?Z?. The videos featured lowbrow comedy and explicit jokes, ranging from “graphic sexual exploits of pro athletes to the dearth of Jewish baseball players,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

However, the clips existed before she joined the network in September, and another theory that has emerged is that the owner of the Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz

“‘In my opinion and those of others, (the videos) are incredibly offensive to a number of audiences, going well beyond professional athletes,” Wirtz said. “Had we known of this earlier, we would have raised the issue immediately.”

The letter went on to ask CSN to “remove her from our broadcast immediately.'” Most members of the public were not convinced that she was not sacked for the sex slip.


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