Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly concerned that her relationship with dancer Tre Holloway is in danger of “fizzling out”.


The ‘Fight for This Love’ singer is busy recording a new album in the UK while her dancer boyfriend is back in Los Angeles working and the difficulties of being apart for so long is said to be taking its toll on their romance.

A source said: “The long distance relationship is hard on them. They’re trying to keep it going on the phone, but sometimes a day or two can pass where they don’t speak.

“When its evening for Cheryl its morning for Tre and he’s rushing to the dance studio so they’re constantly trying to play catch up.

“She wants to be in a relationship where she feels cherished and secure, instead of fearing it is fizzling out. He says it sometimes feels as though he’s waiting for her to end it. She doesn’t know how to fix this and to bring them back together. She keeps asking her friends, ‘Am I being too needy?’ ”

And Cheryl’s fears are strengthened with Tre’s reluctance to move to the UK.

The insider added to Closer magazine: “Tre doesn’t even mention moving to the UK now he’s getting even more work in Los Angeles.”


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