Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole

The 30-year-old beauty can’t face checking out her complexion when she wakes up if she hasn’t washed her face the night before, because she feels she has suddenly aged overnight.

She said: “I wake up a normal person as long as I’ve washed my face the night before. If I haven’t, I’m horrified. I feel I’ve aged a year.

“Perfect’s unrealistic. No one in the world is perfect.”

Despite sometimes failing to take every precaution when looking after her skin, the former ‘X Factor’ judge – who turned 30 on June 30 – insists she tries her best to take care of her complexion because she doesn’t want to resort to wrinkle eliminating Botox injections so early in her life.

She added: “I’m more cautious about taking care of my skin. I think it’s more important to take care of your skin before you get to 30 and start thinking about putting Botox on our face. I believe in prevention rather than cure.”


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