For companies within various manufacturing fields operating machinery can sometimes become contaminated with fine dirt and particles and broken down additives. These contaminants, along with moisture and dust can have a significantly negative affect on the overall performance of a company’s machinery which can reduce productivity and cost the company heavily in terms of lost revenue. There is however a solution that can resolve this endemic problem – oil reclaiming. Oil reclaiming is the process of taken used, contaminated oil and cleaning it for optimal re-use within a processing system. And with the correct oil reclaiming infrastructure in place, organizations can consolidate expenditure and streamline their production capabilities. CHEM-ECOL specializes in providing organizations with these types of systems.

CHEM-ECOL has become one of the world’s leading experts in industrial oil purification technology ever since their creation in 1975.

They are at present the largest and most experienced company of their kind in North America and offer companies across Canada and the US direct access to their broad range of oil purification solutions. One of the company’s most prominent recent developments is their mobile oil purification system, which has been designed to allow industrial oils to be cleaned on site at the client’s facility while their production processes are running.  This ensures that clientele can remain highly productive and ensure that their systems are not suffering from problems related to contaminated lubricants.

The company works tirelessly to ensure that the oil outputted from their systems is of leading class quality for optimal use in the client’s facility. Each batch is tested and recertified before being released for reuse. And no oil will be reused by the client before it has been verified and approved by one of the many working independent laboratories connected with CHEM-ECOL.

CHEM-ECOL’s oil purification service is a state of the art solution that relies upon cutting edge oil dehydration technology. Because of the innovative techniques used within the company’s solutions, they are able to achieve far superior levels of water removal than their industry counterparts and in a shorter period of time. CHEM-ECOL’s team can utilize the company’s equipment to remove up to 10% of the free water within the oil in a single cycle. Whereas competitor models often take at least five cycles to reach an equal level of water removal. That’s the speed and efficiency that can be achieved when working directly with CHEM-ECOL.

The company also has a unique understanding of the chemical requirements of companies within specific industries. They have a Lubricant Chemist on staff that helps determine how to treat the client’s oils while retaining the original additives present in the oils at high levels. That’s because the additives are often the most expensive element within the oil, and preserving a high level of additives using this type of method ensuring the companies can significantly reduce expenditure in the long term through the use of more efficient lubricants.

In today’s volatile economy, cutting costs and increasing efficiency is the best way to escape future financial turmoil. Contact the team at CHEM-ECOL today to learn more about their oil reclaiming solutions.

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