Some people argue that the desktop PC is on its way to becoming obsolete, because of the increase in the use of portable computers such as laptops and ultrabooks. This is subject to challenge and debate because the desktop PC also has its advantages, including its high performance and durability compared to portable computers.  

The price of desktop PCs is quickly dropping all over the world. It is now easier than ever to get a very high performance cheap desktop PC. The following are some factors to consider if you want to get a quality PC at an affordable price.


CPU is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit.

The superiority of one computer over another is determined by its CPU. You should ensure that you choose a computer with CPU that has high-speed performance. The CPU speed of a computer is indicated in GHz or MHz.

The speed of the computer is expressed in terms of one million cycles per second.  You should choose the computer PC that has the highest possible GHz or MHz. OneGHz is equal to 1000 MHz).


RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. It refers to the space or capacity of the computer memory to store programs, files and data. You should choose the desktop PC that has the highest RAM so that you can store and save everything that you need in your computer.

A computer with a lower RAM will, in most cases, run out of space or become slow in its performance when you save many programs, files and folders in it.

Thus a desktop PC with RAM of 4GB or more is generally recommended. 


The warranty is very important because it is a contractual assurance by the manufacturers or seller that it is liable if your desktop PC does not perform and function as required within a certain period of time. You should purchase a desktop PC that is backed by a long-term warranty. There are various manufacturers and sellers that offer reasonable warranties. For example, the Dell cheap desktop PC is popular, as it can be purchased online and Dell offers a long-term warranty.

USB ports-

Most devices such as flash disks, cameras, phones, printers and modems are connectable to a computer through USB port hubs. You should buy the desktop PC that has many USB port hubs, so that you can connect many removable devices at once.

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