LOOK: Sharp shows off $31,000, 60-inch Ultra HD TV

Sharp has unveiled a 60-inch Ultra HD television that will cost you a boatload of cash when it launches early next year.


Dubbed the ICC Purios, the television comes with a 3,840?2,160 resolution, allowing it to display over 8 million pixels. The LCD is also THX-certified.

Sharp?s television is one of a growing number of Ultra HD sets. And the ICC Purios, like other UHD sets, is by no means affordable for the average consumer. According to the company, it will be selling the television for 2.625 million yen (about $31,000) starting on February 20.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the Consumer Electronics Show, announced in October that it had changed the name of the technology formerly known as 4K to Ultra High Definition. In order to qualify as a UHD set, a television must have a minimum resolution of 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 vertical pixels. The television must also have at least one 4K-capable digital input and display 4K programming natively with no upconverting.

At the Consumer Electronics Show next month, several TV makers are expected to show off UHD sets. Samsung, in fact, has already won a Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Innovation Award for an 85-inch UHD boasting ?enhanced dimming technology and a very high contrast ratio.? The company plans to show off that set at CES.

Sharp is producing the television on a made-to-order basis, so don?t expect to see it sitting on store shelves.

(Via The Wall Street Journal)


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