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If you would not feed your family a meal made with condemned beef, or spray your children?s tea with rancid fat collected from a deep-fat fryer or serve biscuits made with empty grain hulls swept from a factory floor; then you should consider not feeding your dog with condemned beef will shorten their lives.

A canine nutrition expert says giving your dog processed dog food – dried, tinned or in a pouch may cause them serious, possibly fatal, harm.

In a Channel 5 documentary this week, the canine nutrition expert says big businesses selling processed dog food use ingredients unsuitable for human consumption – and unsuitable for canine consumption.

He says, ?We all know there is a connection between our diet and health. The same applies to dogs, the diet your dog should be eating is that of a grey wolf in the wild. If you dissect a dog and a grey wolf you?ll find that their digestive systems are identical. The two animals are essentially the same species and so closely related that they can interbreed.

?In short, their diet consists of raw meat, raw bones and raw herbage. This, then, is the diet that allows dogs to achieve optimum health and longevity. Only recently have dog food manufacturers persuaded us otherwise. I believe nine out of ten visits to the vet are caused by dogs being fed the wrong diet. The quality of ingredients in most dog food is appallingly low, often including meat that has gone off.

??But the worst thing is that it has been cooked and it contains a great deal of grain. The cooking kills off important enzymes – chemicals responsible for thousands of vital metabolic processes – in the food, and alters its structure, making it hard for the dog to digest. In short, processed dog food has the same effect on dogs as junk food has on humans.??


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