We are living in an increasingly modern world that is so much more liberal with its thinking than ever before. Discrimination is no longer as big a problem as it was many decades ago. This is why it may come as a surprise to some that there are still differences in the way men and women are treated. These differences are evident in an aspect as mundane as car insurance (that’s called beregn billigste Bilforsikring in Danish ).

In this instance, it serves to the advantage of the female to be treated differently. Women are able to take advantage of the cheapest car insurance rates in the market.

What do the Numbers Say

So what does the cheapest car insurance have to do with gender? There are actually a number of factors that contribute to a lower rate for females.

All these factors have something to do with statistics. Although statistics are in no way definitive, insurance companies (those are known as bedste forsikringsselskab in Denmark) use it as an indicator of the general trend of behavior and as a way to estimate the likelihood of a risk.

Hedging Bets

Insurance companies are much more willing to provide the cheapest car insurance for those who pose a much smaller risk. They are not in any way biased towards specific cases. It just so happens that women are considered to be much lower risks, and they are less likely to get involved in accidents or other occurrences in which they would require payouts from their insurance companies.

Less Accident Prone

Statistics say that women are involved in a smaller number of accidents than men. Aside from this, when they do get involved in accidents, it is not as serious as the accidents that men are involved in, and the results are much less severe. This may be because women are more cautious than men when driving. Or, the reason may also be that women are more partial to safer cars than those that run at incredible fast speeds. Whatever the reasons are, insurance providers are much more willing to provide the cheapest car insurance to those who are not likely to be involved in any accidents.

Right on the First Try

It has been seen that in the past, more women pass their driver’s license exam the first time they take it. Some attribute this to the nature of women who are more inclined to study and practice in preparation for an exam.

The Same Criteria

Getting the cheapest car insurance may be a bit easier for women, but all the same, they are still required to go through all the processes and submit all the documents like all the others who are applying for car insurance. Insurance providers also use the same criteria to determine whether or not their application for insurance will be approved. They are also required to give out pertinent information such as their driving record, credit history, age, residence, and area where the vehicle is going to be parked. The insurance provider will use the information to judge whether or not the applicant will be able to take care of the car as well as afford the bills that need to be paid.

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