The Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the new lecture?theater? of the University of Cape Coast under the theme ,?fifty years of school leadership: transforming the youth for national development?.

CHASS emerged out of two separate? conferences, Conference of Heads of Secondary Schools? and Conference of Heads of Encouraged and Day Secondary? School, which existed as at 1961.


The Conference? of Heads of secondary schools, dominated by expatriates,? benefited higher remunerations and better conditions of service regardless of the member?s qualification ?though qualification of members from both conferences were of an equal standard. This raised concerns and agitation for fairness by members of the Conference of Encouraged and Day Secondary Schools geared towards government for equal recognition.

On April 6,1961,Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah who then ?led the government offered to open a joint conference ,at the Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana, as the Chief Education Officer accepted the request for a merger , to avert further agitations by either sides. An agreement to write a constitution? for a joint conference of both conferences was made two days later.

Affairs were steered ?by an interim National Executive Committee and Regional? conferences set up in all the existing seven region.CHASS was inaugurated formally on April 9,1961 at the Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana,Legon with the motto, ?The future in our hands? .

CHASS as a professional body draw its members from all the public sector senior high schools and works in collaboration with the? Ghana Education Service, the ministry of education and the government at large. The conference is an independent body which influence educational policies in the country but such powers are over-powered and limited by higher authorities some times.

Conference of the Heads of Assisted Schools is a member of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP)and the African Convention of Principals(ACP) and hosted the 2002 conference at GIMPA under the theme ?Building Educational Bridges of Assisted Schools? .

Annual meetings of heads of secondary schools are held on rotational basis in eight out of the ten regions ?to deliberate on the development of secondary ?schools and also for capacity building. Activities to the mark the golden jubilee celebration includes quiz competitions, induction of new members,excursions,talk? and awards to retired and pending members.

Sponsorship from government, companies and individuals mattresses some activities of the conference. The conference currently have over 500 members with regional chairpersons for all regions and recently inducted ?50 new heads.



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