Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has insisted she will be making sure her daughter Ruby, five, doesn’t grow up being superficial and understands looks don’t matter.

The ‘Crazy Chick’ hitmaker described herself as a “raving feminist” and claimed she will ensure Ruby, five, understands there is more to life than physical beauty.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper’s Stella magazine: “I want to instil in Ruby [the idea that] who gives a damn what you look like? Ad hopefully I lead by example with that – ’cause I don’t!

“I just hadn’t realise it, until reasonably recently. Until I had a little girl, really. And then everything started to annoy me – the way women are placed in the world began to really p**s me off.

“The more you understand the way the world works, the clearer you are about certain issues. Mainly it was down to having kids. And having split with Gavin [Henson]. Those things did massively inform me about life!”

Charlotte, 27, also has a son – four-year-old Dexter – from her past relationship with the rugby star and admitted it’s easier finding toys for him than her daughter because of the way they’re marketed.

She added: “Today, going shopping in town, I thought I’d get the kids a couple of bits and bobs and the boys’ toys are awesome – loads of cool things.

“But for girls it’s just image-obsessed c**p. You’ve got all these ridiculous dolls, or you can paint your nails or do your make-up … It’s all based around image.”


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