Wpid King Faisal President Alhaji Gruzah
Charges Against Alhaji Grusah To Be Dropped

King Faisal owner Alhaji Gruzah

King Faisal owner Alhaji Gruzah

Alhaji Grusah is set to have charges against him dropped after the apprehension of Mohammed Abdullai who absconded after he was bailed by the King Faisal owner.

Grusah stood as surety for Abdullai ? a nabbed suspect of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service.

He however absconded moments after his bail was posted by the Alhaji Grusah ? prompting an arrest warrant for the King Faisal owner.

The outspoken football administrator is however set for reprieve after the absconded suspected was apprehended in Kumasi

?The chap who run away after I had bailed him has been apprehended,? Grusah told Accra-based Montie FM.

?We caught him in Kumasi so issues of Alhaji Gruzah going to jail is soon to come to an end.

?He is currently in the grasp of the Central Police being prepared to be transferred to the Police Headquarters.?

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