Born on the 12th of January 1986, Ghanaian rapper,D Black is a music force on the definite rise. From humble beginnings, promoting and managing artists, to forming part of Kwaku T (a rapping duo), to becoming the CEO of his own company, Black Avenue Muzik. A Film-Directory and Music Graduate, Ghana-Bwouy released his debut album titled Music, love and Life, in 2010. He is now production of his follow-up album and will be embarking on a US tour soon. We caught up with him while he was in South Africa on holiday on his future ventures and more.

What brings you out here to South Africa?
I came up to Cape Town for an endorsement deal meeting and came up to Johannesburg for five days, on holiday. I’m just chilling for a bit and hoping to finish up a song I’m doing with some South African artists. I’m working with Khuli Chana, Ice Prince from Nigeria, Navio from Uganda, Tay Grim from Malawi and Zeus from Botswana on a remix of My kinda Girl (Remix). I’m also working with L-Tido on a separate track.

What inspired that remix?
I always do that with singles off my album, I always pick a song that I feel can impact some different countries and around the continent. Last year I did a remix for Get on the Dance-floor with HHP, Ice Prince, Kel, Dr Cryme and Efya. This time I wanted to go into East Africa. Zeus and I have always said we’d make music together and never did. I think he is very talented.

Will there be a music video for My kinda Girl Remix?
I don’t know yet.

What does D Black do when he is on holiday?
I just chill. I’m a workaholic so when I step outa my work mode I just like to relax. I went shopping. Bought some clothes. Met up with some friend I went to school with who live here.

What’s your favorite clothing brand?
Sean John, Ralph Lauren and Fendi.

What other projects should we look out for in 2012?
In May I’m releasing a new single featuring Fully Ipupa from Congo. We’ll be coming out to SA to shoot the vid for that. Then I’m going on my first US tour from mid-July to the first week of September. I’m doing a 12 state tour to New York, Atlanta, Jersey Chicago, Ohio. And a bunch of other cities. My sophomore album comes out a week after the tour ends.

How did the tour come about?
Last year I got nominated for a BET – Best International Act award. So when I went there, I met up with some promoters and we spoke about doing this tour in summer 2012, now it’s happening.

Do you have a name for the upcoming album?
Yes, it’s called The Revelation. The first single is My kinda Girl (featuring Sardokie). The second single, Falling, features Mo’Cheddar. The video for that will drop in two weeks. And the track with Fully is going to be a third single.

Anything people don’t know about you that you’d like to share?
I think people out in Ghana know a lot about me. I’m trying to get myself into the South African market.
Why is that so important to you?
I’m really tryna get into the African market. I only started making music at 23, as soon as I finished varsity, so I’m a fairly new artist whose only been making music for two and a half years. I’ve only one album. And I’m still working.

You studied film-directory, do you ever use the skills on your own music vids?
I directed my first music video as a solo artist, Somebody.

What do you like most about being a solo artist now?
I enjoy being a solo artist because now I can create without having to think about other people, because when you are in a group, you are a collective. I can be me now and I’m happy. I also got more successful as a solo artist and I thank God for that.

Source : ChannelO.TV

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