Chameleon Dgm Pledges Support For Shata Fame

The versaitile Korle-gonno based artiste Chameleon Dgm has congratulated and pledged his full support for the Shata fame.
In his song dubbed “Letter to Shata Wale”, he has pointed Shata Wale to be famous, whose tracks are enjoying massive airplay.
He has also made a promise to help silence anyone who messes up with Shata.

He describes opponents of the Shata as having ugly heads seeming like boils under armpit. Meanwhile, I’m afraid he’s doing all doing this as a result of the recent ?Samini-Shata saga.
I think this is an ardent effort to preach to all that the people of Korle-gonno loves their man. As he(Shata Wale) himself has professed in his “Dance Hall King” hit as “Korle-gonno Godfather”.
Maybe, you would have to listen to the song to confirm.
Merci Beaucoup.

Felix Acquaye/CMN.


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