Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

Looking further back into history, in relation to human oppressions and their reactions, one can conclusively attest to how the underestimated weaklings in society can become fiercely audacious overnight. The suppression of the poor ends when with collective efforts; they resolutely decide to put a stop to it.

Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

The French revolution of 1789 was born out of such wish. The oppressed commoners mustered courage, teemed up in their overwhelming numbers, marched from Marseilles in Southern France through their major cities, Toulouse, Bordeaux etc., to Paris, massacred and overthrew their then domineeringly oppressive monarchy. They became free afterwards, having shed the shackles of slavery and oppression through their taken action.

Could they have attained their freedom from unnecessary oppression if they had not rallied themselves in a strong multitude, although poor and weak as they were? This goes to prove the veracity of the saying, ?In unity lies strength?.

In Ghana today, a few people with political clout and money, their wealth mostly acquired through dubious means of course, are lording themselves over the poor Ghanaian masses. Do we sit back with arms folded around the chest while they mistreat us onto death? Do we not have to react in any reasonable way, no matter how minimal it may be, to liberate ourselves from political thievery, rogue-politicians and their agents?

I see Mr Bernard Antwi Boasiako, alias Chairman Wontumi, a courageous person who has dared to take the bull by the horn. He has snubbed one Ibrahim Mahama; alias Pepeni No.1 and Tanii No.2, telling him he is pompously wallowing in dirty money. This came about when Ibrahim started bragging about his wealth, vaingloriously announcing what he is capable of doing, in attempts of not only to tease, but also, to frighten off Ghanaians by the sheer volume of his wealth. Ghanaians, by nature, are scared of wealthy persons.

Do we cringe in the face of such unnecessary show of wealth by obviously dubious persons; people who intentionally refuse to honour their bank loan agreements to cause the collapse of their lenders? Come on Ghanaians!

Do we sit back for the dubious persons in Ghana to always threaten us with civil suits; a devised, but an effective means, to cow us forever while they milk Ghana dry? The answer should be a BIG NO.

When are we going to learn our lesson to stand up tall to be counted? Today is the time to rally together to fight the common cancerous problems, corruption, intimidation and victimisation, the bane of Ghana’s economic development.

I will back Chairman Wontumi to the hilt in his fight against anyone who dares take him to court in his honest attempt to rid society of the evils that have brought Ghana down to her knees. It becomes too annoying when one fraudulently avails themselves of the public purse, then goes around bragging of their wealth as though they had earned it genuinely.

Ghanaians have found a voice and leadership in Chairman Wontumi in tackling some of the opportunistic politician cum money-grabbing rogues. Please let us rally behind him. Let us give him the needed moral, spiritual and financial support when our services are needed. No, let us rally round him, great multitude as we shall be, to fight anyone who will dare threaten his person or threaten to take him to court.

Whoever supports taking decisive action against the political crooks, the dubious nouveaux-riches, should respond positively to this publication. Our destiny is in our own hands. Nobody can help bring about the attainment of our prosperous destiny but ourselves, through courageous persons like Chairman Wontumi.

The French poor would still be under oppression if they had not fought it through organised or spontaneous rally of the commoners to brutally overthrow their monarchy.

I dedicate this clarion call to rally round good cause to liberate Ghana from the crooks in government, to all reasonable Ghanaians.

Rockson Adofo


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