Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

Ashanti Regional?Chairman of the New?Patriotic Party (NPP), Bernard Antwi Bosiako,?popularly called ?Wontumi,??has lampooned the?Electoral Commission?(EC) for deliberately deleting?a staggering 50,000?names from the electoral?register in the Ashanti?Region.

Chairman Wontumi
Chairman Wontumi

He claimed that the EC?had deleted the names?from the electoral register,?ostensibly to change the?electoral fortunes of the
NPP ? which has the largest?following in the region ? in?2016.

The NPP regional chairman,?who was addressing?the media on Monday,?charged the EC to quickly?stop the ongoing voter register
exhibition and restore?the missing names.

He also demanded that?the EC should provide all?the political parties with?copies of the electoral register?so as to help erase any?doubts about its (EC) operations?so as to avert a possible?civil strife in the country.

Wontumi, with a grim?face to display his fury?over the development, said?the EC intentionally victimized?the NPP during the?2012 elections which eventually?favoured the National?Democratic Congress
(NDC) ?and this nearly?plunged the country into?civil war.?

He sternly cautioned?that any attempt by the EC?to cheat the NPP in order?to help the NDC to win the?2016 elections on a silver?platter might spell doom?for the country, urging the?EC to do the right thing.

According to him, he?had in his possession a?copy of the names of people?that were registered by?the EC in the Ashanti
Region when it (EC)?embarked on a voter registration?exercise early this?year.

Giving statistics to buttress?his claim of the missing?names, Wontumi noted?that 53,102 males of 18?years and 52,176 females?also of 18 years, were registered?in the region during?the limited registration

He said 24,934 males,?19 years old, as against?22,118 females of the same?age, were also registered,?adding that males of 20?years and above who were?registered numbered 28,446?as against 20,627 of females?also of the same age.

The NPP capo noted?that people with hand?deformities, whose faces
were captured by the EC?machines during the registration?exercise stood at 10,?adding that people whose?parents led them to the
centres to register for the?first time were 8,013.

Wontumi disclosed that?disabled people that were?registered in the region?stood at 142, and that a?total of 211,440 people were?registered in the region -?out of which 1,866 had?their registrations challenged.

He said even if the?challenge was appropriate,?ideally, the number of the?registered people should?reduce from 211,440 to?209,574 ?but to the horror?of the NPP, about 50,000?names have been deleted?from the electoral register.?

Wontumi said about?861 names had been deleted?from the Atonsu Electoral?Area at Asokwa Constituency?in Kumasi alone,?adding that the EC claimed?that the 50,000 people,?whose names had been?scrapped, indulged in multiple?registrations.

The NPP guru?expressed doubt about the?excuse being given by the
EC which he claimed was?aimed at weakening the?NPP?s share of votes during?the 2016 polls. He?charged the EC to produce?concrete evidence to prove?its wild allegation.

The press conference?was graced by Sam Pyne,?the NPP scribe in the
region and Andy Owusu,?Wontumi?s Programmes?Manager.

From I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr.,?Kumasi


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