The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Bank, Christiana Olaoye has been awarded for her contribution to economic welfare of the African girl- child and women.

Dubbed: “Hero of Women & Child Rights Support,” from the All Africa Media Network endorsed by UNESCO, the award recognised the astute and versatile banker’s output in women development and professionalism in executing her duty without any cultural bias, on the African continent.

The award also recognised her immense dynamic leadership par excellence and in-depth knowledge in management.

With immense experience in banking on the African continent and the United Kingdom, Mrs Olaoye was inspired by the award, which she believed would encourage her more to deliver on her objectives and set targets.

She noted: “I am very passionate about moving women to the next level. Women are also leaders, influential leaders in everywhere.

“Luckily I have been able to marry a career, marry a home, I am also a Pastor, marry my ministerial duty. And this is what I communicate to men and women, that it is possible to be a worker, a wife and a mother, and also be a minister and do all successfully and this is something that we need to promote and continually where women, particularly young women today are concerned.

“The sky is the limit as we continue to tell them; ‘you are different and you can do it’. They themselves will have confidence and push themselves to the best that they can be.”

Energy Bank is a bank with vitality, strength and power and in its approach to banking is solution driven.

It presently operates 11 branches and one agency in Ghana; five in Accra, three in Kumasi, and the rest in Tema, Takoradi and Tamale.