New Patriotic Party executives at Twifo Atti-Morkwa in the Central Region are demanding disciplinary action against the Member of Parliament for the area, Abraham D. Odoom, for allegedly working against the Akufo-Addo-led government. The executives at a news conference Tuesday leveled a series of allegations against the MP whose conduct, they claim, is getting out of hand. According to them, the MP has been sabotaging the government’s subsidized fertilizer policy by selling some of the products to farmers in the area at a low price of GHC40 as against government’s price of GHC50. Mr Odoom, according to the constituency executives, has been going from one cocoa town to the other telling the farmers that the Akufo-Addo government is being insensitive to their plight for selling subsidized fertilizer to them at GHC50. Again, they accused him of working against the Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the Twifo Atti-Morkwa District Chief Executive, Mr Agyemang Nyantakyi.

Youth leader, Fobi Gyekye claimed the MP influenced assembly members to vote against the DCE nominee at his confirmation election. He alleged the MP paid GHC1,000 as bonus to the Assembly members after they rejected the President’s nominee.

“We the constituency executives can confirm on authority that our member of parliament Abraham D. Odoom supported and sponsored his boys to demonstrate against the president nominee and this action resulted in the vandalizing of the party office broken chairs and tables,” he claimed.

The MP, according to him, has failed to attend meetings organized by the elected constituency and the polling station executives, and rather set up executives parallel to the elected executives. In their estimation, Mr Amponsah said the conduct of the MP is getting out of hand, hence should be called to order. “In conclusion, we are of strong conviction that these actions of our MP constitute misconduct as clearly spelt out in article 4(7a) of the party’s constitution,” he stated. He has thus appealed to the party’s regional and national executives as well as the council of elders, to intervene by sanctioning the MP in line with the party’s constitution.

Source: Osei Kuffour


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