Birthdays are some special days that give you joy and pleasure. It is a day, when you are given special attention. So, how differently can you celebrate the most special day of your life?

Will you go to watch some movie, go dancing out in a night club, or sit at home and lazy around? You don?t have to do any of these things.

All you have to do is visit some restaurant in York and invite all your friends there.

We spend such hectic lives that we do not get enough time to spend with anyone. In such hectic lifestyles, if we plan to go to a dance club and dance all night then, when will we spend time with each other? When will we share our memories with each other and bond like we used to do before?

The same thing will happen if you to watch a movie. You will have to spend at least two or three hours in watching movie, then you are left with very little time with each other.

Instead of all these things, if you plan for a lunch or a dinner together then it will be more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. It will give you a lot of pleasure to sit and dine with your friends like old times.

Remember those days when you all used to share your lunch boxes with each other, and at times even steal each other?s lunches before the lunch hours and eat. Those were the days that have gone by and now you all can come together and bond.

Let that occasion be your birthday. Invite all of them whom you are still in touch with and even those with whom you have lost touch.

Let all of them come together and spend some glorious moments together.

Choose a restaurant in York which you all would like to visit and book your seats in advance. By booking the seats in advance, you will save yourself from any kind of last minute hassles.

There are a number of restaurants in York that will give you a wonderful experience. The food will be simply amazing and you will love dining in these eateries. The ambience too will be such that it will give you a soothing and comfortable feel which you will simply enjoy to the core.

Let your birthday be an excuse for everyone to come together and share a day with each other.

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