The CEIBS ? Chengwei Capital China meets Africa forum has been slated on 30th to 31st August at the Accra International Conference Centre under the theme “Exploring Trade and Investment Opportunities: How Africa can benefit from China’s Experience?.

During the first day of the Forum, the following topics will be explored: The historical perspective of trade and investment for economic growth in China and in Africa and the potential role of China in fuelling Africa’s growth through trade and investment; How to overcome the challenges of the China-Africa trade and investment relationship; How African entrepreneurs and businesses can learn from the nurturing of their Chinese counterparts.

The second day of the forum will provide industry insights on the possibilities for partnering between Chinese and African companies in four core sectors: Energy & Mining, Agribusiness, Infrastructure & Construction, and Telecom & ICT, with manufacturing to be analysed as a cross-cutting topic.

Speakers include: Mr. Hu Zhirong Vice President, China Africa Development Fund; Ms. Wang Yuan Chief Economist, China Development Bank; and Prof. Kwaku Atuahena-Gima, Professor of Marketing and Innovation Management, CEIBS and Executive Director for CEIBS Africa among others.

?CEIBS, organiser of the forum, said it sees the continuous development of trade and investment between China and Africa as crucial in driving Africa’s development and also enhancing China’s role as a global economic power. ?

It said the forum will explore how trade and investment contributed to the development of the Chinese economy, and how Africa can learn from and replicate this experience by forming strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships in the area of manufacturing, energy, mining, infrastructure, construction, agribusiness and services such as telecom and IT.

?Chinese companies and investors present about their business interests in Africa. Cases of Africa-China business cooperation will be discussed. African companies will present themselves to Chinese businessmen. Ample time for networking toward partnership will be given during this day.?

Exhibition booths will be provided for businesses interested in displaying their product and service offerings.

By Benson AFFUL

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