BY Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor, [email protected]

The Group CEO of CDH Financial Holdings Limited, Emmanuel Adu-Sarkodee says, Ghana needs a drastic change in our social protection approach to make it more relevant and transformational for the vulnerable in society.
GCEO talking to media 1He has also bemoaned the bottlenecks associated with the formal structures for social help by the State and has called for fresh thinking in the direction of informal mechanisms which should be devoid of needless bureaucracies.
The entrepreneur-cum-philanthropist expressed these sentiments in an interview with journalists after receiving an honorary award as a distinguished father to street children at a Father?s Day Luncheon and Awards organized by Ozon Media at the State Banquet Hall in Accra.
?In every country, even in the West, you?ll surely find people who are unable to make ends meet by reason of aging-related challenges, social ostracism and the likes. Governments there put in place structures and mechanisms to assist such people. The problem with our case is that, the mechanisms are bureaucracy-laden and also a bit narrow in scope,? Mr. Adu-Sarkodee stated.
According to him, street children should be a major concern for government in its social protection programmes, adding that informal mechanisms, free from bureaucracy should be the next line of thinking for the decision makers.
?As entrepreneurs and Christians, we are doing our Godly responsibility of taking care of the needy and vulnerable, but government is better placed to execute this responsibility by rolling out sustainable, accessible social programmes to the dear citizens of this country,? Mr. Adu-Sarkodee said.
He added that, a decent concern for the poor and marginalised is the true test of civilisation.
The philanthropist has a Christian outreach – Reconciliation Ministry which scouts for street children at various locations in Accra, lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ and reunite them with their families.
Others are fed, sheltered and educated through the sponsorship of the Reconciliation Ministry.


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