The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) condemns without reservations the reported violence associated with the just- ended by-election in the Talensi Constituency in the Upper East Region. Reports of incidents of violence with sporadic firing of guns and attacks with machetes during the conduct of the polls, resulting in the hospitalization of victims and destruction of vehicles, is unacceptable and raises serious concerns about the ease and impunity with which violence is unleashed during elections in Ghana.

CDDCDD-Ghana has taken note of and applauds the relative peacefulness that prevailed at the polling stations and overall quality of the administration of the election itself; but notes the reported incidence of violence associated with it, although outside the polling stations, clearly undermines the democratic objective of peacefully electing political leaders. CDD-Ghana finds this unacceptable and urges the law enforcement agencies to apprehend the alleged perpetrators of the violent acts and ensure that they face the full rigors of the law. This is a better option than political parties trading accusations at each other as to who is responsible for these unacceptable acts of election-related violence.

CDD-Ghana, calls on the security and law enforcement agencies, as a matter of urgency, to investigate the reported violence, arrest and prosecute all the alleged perpetrators involved in the violence.

The 2016 general elections are less than 18 months. If left un-investigated and alleged perpetrators escape justice, such acts of violence will serve as license for those who are intent on institutionalizing violence in Ghana?s electoral and democratic processes.

It is important that elections in Ghana are conducted in an environment free of fear, intimidation and violence. CDD-Ghana will be monitoring the outcomes of the Police investigations into these incidents.


Dr. Franklin Oduro
Head of Research and Programs


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