By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor,

CCT-GHThe Coalition of Concern Teachers Association (CCT) will across the entire country, distribute 100 motorbikes to the union executives and officers to effectively discharge their daily activities of supervision in all the ten regions.

The president of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT-GH), Ernest Opoku said as a union, they believe in the professional integrity of their association and as a teacher union one of their main is to ensure that they protect the profession that they were employed for.

Therefore, they have decided to purchase 100 motorbikes to be distributed across the districts so that their officers can use them to do proper monitoring.

According to him, teachers can properly do the work that is expected of them as professional teachers when they are monitored and supervised.

They intend to also make sure that these motorbikes will help the officers to facilitate their movement from one district to the other to advance the work of the union.

Basically, the President of CCT noted that as social partners, they just want to partner government to make sure that they support government to improve the poor standard of education across the country.

The 100 motorbikes is an indication that once they have been able to acquire them there is the need to showcase it to the world what the union exits to do.

Ernest Opoku indicated the officers in charge have been given proper training and safety guidelines on how to properly use these motorbikes in a friendlier manner that will save them from injuries or accidents.

?What they are going to use the motorbikes to do is do monitoring of their union members to see to it that the members are discharging their professional role in the classroom and to facilitate the work of the union at the district level,? he stated.

Strike within strike

He said despite their recent strike action to press home their demands, and the efforts by government to addressing those issues relating its interference in the management of the 2nd Tier Occupational Pension Scheme.

The CCT and other three labour unions, GNAT, NAGRAT and TEWU under the Ghana Education Service will on Monday 27th October meet to declare another strike within strike.

The President of CCT disclose this at a press conference held to outdoor the distribution of motorbikes reiterating that they still have problems that government continue to pay lip service for the past two years.

According to Ernest Opoku, they will embark on another strike within the pending strike to press harder for their demands over the refusal by government to pay their 2011 and 2012 incremental credit arrears.

The 41 year old Ernest Opoku stated another issue of concern was the GES staff rationalization and non-payment of transfer grants.

He said they had wanted to strike before the current strike but they were restrained by the Labour Commission that government will address their concerns which were lingering for the past two years.

But with the information they got from the Labour Commission last week among other things convinced them that the matter will resolved once and for all, unfortunately when they met government ?what we saw was an eye-saw? and therefore there was need to declare strike within strike.

Ernest Opoku said they have come to a stalemate where they are not sure the matter can be resolved therefore, the three unions will on Monday 27th October meet to declare another strike within strike.

He noted that even if the issues of pensions are resolved probably on Tuesday, teachers will not adhere to call to call off the strike but until their grievances are addressed amicably.

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