CCM Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Mr Nape Nnauye

CCM Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Mr Nape Nnauye

Speaking to reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam, CCM Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Mr Nape Nnauye, said they were not worried about members who defect from the party because they are like used oil no longer fit for their vehicle.

Mr Nnauye said that most of those who defected from the party, it was because they were defeated in preferential polls. ?Those quitting from the party are like used car oil that will soon affect the engines of the vehicles they join,? he said.

He said the foundation of opposition party was CCM as all their leaders were once members of the ruling party. The party?s publicist further said those who plan to defect were not a threat as it was no longer news, adding that members of the party were approaching 8 million in number, hence the few who defected would bring no harm to the party.

Speaking about two members who defected from the party on Thursday, he said both of them had their personal grudges. He said Shinyanga regional CCM chairman, Mr Khamis Mgeja, quit the party because his daughter was defeated in the preferential polls and before that it was already known that he would defect to join his friend, Mr Edward Lowassa.

On Mr John Guninita, the former party chairman for Dar es Salaam Region, he said it was because of his defeat in the preferential polls, thus he decided to join the opposition.

The duo, who have served in the party for decades in different leadership positions, were quoted as saying that their decision came in the wake of irregularities during the recent party?s nomination for its presidential candidate.

By HILDA MHAGAMA, Tanzania Daily News


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