The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is known and acknowledged in the industry of networking. That who is CCIE certified are known to be experts, skilled, and masters in the solution of the Cisco products. The certification was introduced on 1993 to give assistance to the networking industry.

The 350-018 examination includes many aspects of the CCIE. The first part of the examination is the general networking topic. Included under this topic is the basics of networking, layers of the OSI, TCP/IP and Routing protocols, and the IP Multicast.

The security protocols; ciphers, and hash algorithms include some of the following sub—topics which are the RADIUS, TACACS+, Ciphers RSA, DSS, and RC4, Message Digest 5, Secure Hash Algorithm, Data Encryption Standard, and related topics.

The application protocols to include the topic’s hypertext transfer protocol, simple mail transfer protocol, file transfer protocol, domain name system, trivial file transfer protocol, lightweight directory access protocol, and syslog.

Another topic provided in the 350-018 examination blueprint is the security technologies. A few of the sub-subjects included in this part of the examination is the packet filtering, URL filtering, event correlations, event correlation, endpoint security, and network address translation.

For the Cisco security appliances and an application topics includes some of the following sub-topic Cisco secure PIX firewall and the Cisco IOS firewall, intrusion prevention system, IPSec VPN, and trust identity.

For the Cisco security management topic, it includes the Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager, Cisco Router and Security Device Management, and the Cisco Security Manager. The last Cisco related topic in the exam is the Cisco general security. This includes the IOS Specifics, the Routing and Switching Security Features, NetFlow, the Layer 2 and three Security Features, Wireless Security, IPv Security.

The Security Solutions topic includes the Network Attack Mitigation, Virus and Worms Outbreaks, Theft of Information, Dos/DDos Attacks, and Web Server Security, and the Web Application Security.

The last topic stated in the examination blueprint is the Security General. The sub-topics include some of the following; best practices of security policies, Information Security Standards, Security Audit and Validation, Risk Assessment, Incident Response Framework, and Computer Security Forensics.

The written examination is done for two hours. The exam is in multiple choices for the number of questions ranging to 90-110. The exams are done in certified Cisco testing centers. The cost may vary depending on the rates and taxes. However, exams usually cost US$350. Examination results are immediately released one day after the exam was administered. For re-takers, you must wait after 180 days to be able to take the same examination.

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