The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, John Cardinal Onayikan, on Sunday urged the Catholic faithful to keep faith in God no matter the temptation.

Onayikan made this known in his homily in Abuja to mark the end of the Year of Faith declared by former Pope Benedict XIV.

He said at Pope John-Paul II Quasi Parish, Papal Ground in Kubwa, Abuja, that the Year of Faith challenged the Catholic faithful to understand the scriptures and the doctrines of the church.

“This year is the opportunity to strengthen our faith and nurtures our young ones to have trust in God. We need to create a quality time to know the social doctrines of our church,? he said.

“The period of deceit is over; there are clear indications that people have lost their faith in God. Activities of our people have clearly shown that they do not believe in God any longer.

“When people are hungry, they go to churches for crusade, but the incident in Onitsha was unfortunate and we pray that such thing should not repeat itself.

Onayikan urged the faithful to resist any temptation that will lead them to go astray, while cautioned people clergymen to desist from deceiving their followers in name of miracles.

“We must insist that our people follow the right path and to those 419`s who produce miracles where there was none. I advised they desist from their wrong ways.

“As diocese, we can only control our own people and when any of my people do anything that is out of the way, I called them to order.

“In our church, we have order that we follow and which must be obeyed to the latter.

“The problem is with people who don?t have leaders, who are on their own to do whatever they like, it is only God that can save us from them,? Onayikan said.

The cleric prayed for peaceful coexistence of the country.
In his remarks, the Auxiliary Bishop of Abuja, Rt. Rev. Anselem Umoren, thanked the organising committee for the successful hosting of the event.

Umoren prayed for members to leave an exemplary life of Mary, which he said, inspired the Catholic faithful to have mercy on one another.


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