A recent photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones has people wondering if she’s pregnant again by husband, Michael Douglas. Catherine is already 42 and Michael is 67. People are calling this baby a “miracle baby” because it represents the happiness at the end of a long dark tunnel for the couple.

A source said, “Michael is giving Catherine her dream gift – another baby. He’s adamant about giving her the one thing she is truly desperate for. When things were at their darkest, they could only dream that a miracle like this could happen. Now Michael and Catherine feel as if they have a second lease on life. Michael may be an older man, but he feels like a kid again. And Catherine’s blues have gone away. She feels like she’s walking on sunshine!”

Douglas went through a severe struggle with throat cancer and Zeta-Jones had to deal with his condition. It forced her to announce that she was bi-polar. Now it seems Douglas and Zeta-Jones can celebrate some good news, if she is indeed pregnant again.

Hopefully, Catherine Zeta-Jones will have a pregnancy free of complications. It would only be heartbreaking for her and Michael Douglas if her pregnancy will be a difficult one. Together, this couple has gone through enough.

By Erin Anthony, Gather


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