CA technologies require trained professionals who can efficiently monitor, manage, install, configure, and implement them. For this reason the job positions are highly competitive and demanding. CAT 020 is a highly demanding certification exam and to do best on it you need to prepare according to the guideline offered by CA technologies itself. CA technology has generously offered the exam pattern and areas to study in order to prepare well. Also, it has given how much would a certain area cover on the actual exam. Here is a brief overview of the exam structure for the CAT 020.

CAT 020 is CA e health professional exam and has different sections:

1-   First you need to have a detailed understanding of CA health features and all the relevant concepts. You will be expected to define the key features of CA e-health, basic and health related e-health concepts, discovery and polling, and CA health permissions.

This section would make 25 % of your CAT 020 test so make sure you have a firm grasp over these areas.

2-   The second section deals with planning and implementation so make sure you take the recommended course r6 2 Administration 200 in order to understand how to implement CA e-health and can determine requirements for sizing effectively. Planning and administration will make only 3 % of CAT 020.

3-   The third section tests you on installing CA e-health. For this the same course as for CA planning and administration will be fine. You will be expected to know and describe clearly various types of CA e health installation. This section again will be only # % of your test.

4-   The next 5 % deals with implementing management of performance.

For this section the recommended preparatory course is different: CA r 6 2 Reporting 300. You should identify abnormal volumes and resolve such issues along with determining routers to perform system upgrades.

5-   The largest section of CAT 020 test deals with generating reports. This will make 35 % of your exam and the same course for implementation would work well. You will be expected to know then use of query studio and report studio for making different kinds of reports. Make sure you can generate simple, health, and SLR reports.

6-   Another 5 % will test your skills of handling and analyzing data.

7-   The next 8 % test you on the management of security related to reports.

8-   The final 6 % is about troubleshooting and handling faults. 

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