Fire Service personnel stationed at the seat of government, the Castle Osu, and a self-acclaimed Body Guard to former first lady Ernestina Naadu Mills, Mr. Emmanuel Quansah, who has been noted for his intimidating nature in and around Dansoman, in Accra has brutally assaulted his own Nephew, a graduate from Christian University College, beaten him to pulp over a housing property bequeathed to members of the family.

Bismark Mingle, Nephew to Castle Capo (Emmanuel Quansah)
Bismark Mingle, Nephew to Castle Capo (Emmanuel Quansah)

The property in question, H/NO. A. 362/19, Dansoman, Accra, The Moment investigations have established, was a property of the late Dinah Lamiokor Lamptey who passed away on the 17th August 1997 intestate.

However, after the death of Dinah Lamiokor Lamptey, Mr. Emmanuel one of the surviving children of the late, has hijacked her properties preventing his other siblings from having access to any of their late mother?s properties.

Documents available to This paper has it that, not too long after the death of their mother, the family met to take a decision on how to share their mother?s properties among all her children, but Mr. Emmanuel Quansah was not in agreement to any decision whatsoever.

Notwithstanding, the family together with its head, appointed both Madam Sarah Quansah and Emmanuel Quansah, all children of the deceased to apply for the letters of Administration to administer the estate of their mother.

In an Affidavit sworn by the two nominated persons, on 28th May 2010, at the Circuit Court of Ghana, they admitted the fact that their late mother left behind 10 children.

But in a selfish attempt to override even his elder sisters and brothers, Emmanuel Quansah who has been parading himself as a body guard to the wife of the late president took over the properties of their late mother amid threats of deaths to any of his siblings who will trespass on any of the properties especially the house in question.

Information reaching this paper indicates that on August 21st, 2012, one Bismark Lamptey Mingle, a cousin to the Castle Capo and a son to Mary Quansah went to the said house to pray in one of the buildings, uncompleted, where he escaped death.

Speaking to Bismark Lamptey, he said, on the said day, he went to the house early in the morning at about 3:30 am to offer prayers when he was attacked by his own uncle, who after strangling him amid punches, pick a stone from the floor and hit his head resulting in an unstoppable flow of blood. ?Twenty minutes into my prayers my Uncle came to me and started dragging me out of the building, as I resisted he began hitting me with his punches, until tenants in the house came to my rescue. So as I was about to leave the house, getting to the entrance he came to me again, picked a stone, make a fist out of it and hit it against my head. Blood then began to ooze from the wound I got, until I got home and reported,? he said.

But by the timely intervention of tenants, Bismark Lamptey would have been a dead man.

Interestingly, The Moment following the matterclosely, came to terms with another interesting issue, involving the police personnel handling the said assault case when the victim reported.

Checks conducted by the paper pointed to the fact that, Sergeant Dorcas Opong of the Dansoman Police station, where the matter has been reported is allegedly frustrating the victim, Bismark Lamptey from getting justice.

Dorcas Opong, according to our sources, at the time the matter was being reported, refused to allow Bismark Lamptey Mingle to write his own statement. This development according to people who have shown concern and sympathy, was because Dorcas Opong might have been briefed by Emmanuel Quansah (a Castle Capo) that Bismark Opong stammers and hence they can be able to manipulate his statement.

Dorcas Opong, checks have revealed, when on her mission to summon the accused person together with witnesses to the station, had to spend close to 20 minutes each with some of the tenants in the said house, behind closed doors, asnwell as the accused himself, Mr Emmanuel Quansah.

After spending such hours with them, in closed doors, she came out and informed the victim that his case is a ?foolish case.?

Meanwhile she failed to take action against the accused who persistently issued death threats in her presence to the victim.

A source close to the police hinted that, even at the police station, Emmanuel Quansah was heard threatening Bismark Lamptey Mingle, saying he will kill Bismark the next time he set foot in the house and his body will never be found. These threats issued in presence of the police went unpunished; rather the victim who was in pain was rather embarrassed and verbally attacked by Dorcas Opong, calling him a thief who went into the house to steal.

Also in an attempt to create the impression that Mr Emmanuel Quansah, was the person who was rather victimized and beaten, rushed to the police station with his left arm wrapped in POP. But luck was not on his side when upon interrogation, it appeared he was faking it because a hospital report, an X? Ray, he was holding to prove his malicious lies, was dated 12th May 2012.

Speaking to an elder among the children of the late Dinah Lamiokor Lamptey, he pointed out that all attempts to bring Emmanuel Quansah to terms with the reality that their late mother left behind other surviving children, all adults, and for that matter her properties must be peacefully shared, have proven futile, making the rest of them outcasts from their own mother?s land/house.

Nii Adey Quansdah hinted that he, together with Jonathan Quansah have faced series of physical assaults, death threats and verbal assaults from Emmanuel Quansah.

It has also been alleged in talks with some area boys that, Emmanuel Quansah has become the overload of Dansoman, priding himself in the fact that he works at the Castle, using his position or privileges he has at the seat of government to secure the release of persons who are sometimes arrested by the police for doing wrong.

The Moment is following closely activities in the family in relation to the properties as well as other issues the accused person is alleged to have been involved, and will bring to the public domain soon.






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