The General Overseer of the Calvary Charismatic Centre, Pastor Ransford Obeng, has asked the Ghanaian electorate to vote in the upcoming polls based on their individual economic conditions.

He said though it was a civic responsibility to vote, one must ensure their decision reflected their living conditions.

Addressing the media in Kumasi, he reiterated calls for his congregants and the Ghanaian electorate to vote for a leader who can manage the economy regardless of his religious affiliation.

“We will not as a church say: ‘Vote for Party A or Party B.’ What we will say is that: ‘Look into your own economic life and then we will look into it. Listen to the messages the political people are saying and the person you know can manage our economy, vote for him,’” he stated.

“[The election is about] the management of the economy. Who can manage your economy for you? The question that somebody is a Christian and somebody is not doesn’t come into play at all… We need somebody who will manage our economy. Whether he is a Muslim or a Hindu, if he can manage the economy, [vote for him].”

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