BUSTED! John Hotor

A 48-year-old carpenter, who unleashed his libido on a 10-year-old girl anytime he felt like having sex, has been arrested by the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at Tesano.

The suspect, John Hotor, was arrested at Pokuase after the mother of the victim detected changes in her movement and made a report at the police station.

John is currently in police cells assisting in their investigations.

Narrating the story to DAILY GUIDE, DSP Freeman Tetteh, the Public Relations Officer In charge Of National DOVVSU, said this was the second time the suspect had had sex with the victim.

Anytime he slept with the girl, he warned her not to tell anyone or she would die.

On Monday, March 26, 2012, the mother of the victim detected changes in the movement of her daughter and questioned her.

The victim then confessed that she had been defiled by Hotor.

The victim told both the mother and police that somewhere last week, when the mother sent her to go and repair their block-moulding machine, she met Hotor who decided to escort her to see the repairer.

On their way, Hotor took the money meant for the machine repairer from her and told her to drop the machine with the repairer and later come to his house for the money.

When she got to Hotor’s house, he locked her up in his room and defiled her.

He later warned her not to tell the mother.

The victim said she felt pains in the abdomen and could not walk properly.

When the mother detected it and questioned her, she let the cat out of the bag.

The matter was reported to the Pokuase Police who arrested Hotor.

The victim has since been sent to hospital for treatment while the Tesano DOVVSU continues with investigations.

 By Linda Tenyah

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