late David lamptey
late David lamptey

It?s been two years since David Lamptey, bank roller of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) passed on to glory but aclose associate of his Mr. Carl Wilson, insists there are relevant links which point to the fact that the philanthropist was killed?for his money and property?.

late David lamptey
late David lamptey

Mr. Wilson insists that he has incriminating evidence which suggests that the business mogul was possibly ?strangled to death? because ?when his body was deposited at the 37 Military hospital, he was foaming and his tongue had stuck out?. Based on those signs, Mr. Wilson says ?that is a clear sign of foul play and it beats my imagination that all the relevant state institutions have gone silent on the crime?.
He has therefore made a passionate appeal to the government to order an inquest in order to unravel the circumstances which led to his abrupt demise in the heat of the 2012 general elections.
The call on government to open investigations into his controversial death may fall in line with the thinking of President John Mahama who during the delivery of his Critical Policy statement in September 2012, ordered the Minister of Health to ensure that there are?mechanisms in place for the investigation of the death of persons who die in our health posts under suspicious circumstances?.

?Mr. Lamptey was a Statesman having served as a Member of Parliament and was even a Presidential Advisor until his sudden death and so I am surprised the government has kept mute over the controversy surrounding his death.? He revealed that he had assisted the Homicide Division of the Ghana Police Service to unravel the truth but the process had been ?extremely slow?.
Carl Wilson further claimed that, ?Mr. David Lamptey was already dead when he was sent to the hospital but instead of the wife Mrs. Gifty Lampteyas the next of kin depositing hisbody at the morgue, she allowed one Carl Quist, alias Dzane who is a personal driver to the Lamptey family to deposit the body?.

?After his death, suspicions of murder were heightened and so the family lodged a complaint of murder at the Osu Police Station but under bizarre circumstances, Mrs. Lamptey compelled the family to transfer the case from Osu to the Airport Police Station. Infact, Emmanuel Lamptey, a relative of the late David Lamptey told me the family was paid by the wife to transfer the case to the Airport Police Station?, Carl Wilson disclosed.
He revealed further that while the relatives of the deceased were arranging for a Coroner?s report at Osu Police Station on December 6, 2012, Mrs Lamptey said she knew some Police personnel at Airport Police Station and hurriedly arranged to get the report from there.

Although Dr Seth Attoh, a Pathologist carried out the post mortem with Mr Daniel Bentil, brother of the deceased as witness, Mr. Wilson insists that may be compromised because ?some people visited Dr.Attoh in his house the night before the autopsy was carried out and I can assure you we have tape recordings and that we cannot take that report as credible?.

Mr. Wilson was also at sea as to why ?Dela, a Police Officer at the Airport Police Station who serves as a security detail for the youngest son of David Lamptey double as a Coroner for the same family which pays him??
Mr. Wilson is not a member of the family but he says his overall objective in this matter is ?first to pursue truth and justice to redeem the name, image, dignity and honour Mr. David Lamptey. Every Ghanaian deserves better?
A Certified Copy of Entry in Register of Deaths at 37 Military Hospital says Dr David Lamptey died at the medical facility through hypertensive heart disease with nephropathy.

Touching briefly on the Will the late Mr. Lamptey was said to have written before his demise, Mr. Wilson said ?preliminary report of a forensic test has proven that Mr. David Lamptey did not sign that will and I can say it with confidence that the man died without a will!?

Carl Wilson therefore warned the alleged perpetrators of the heinous crime not to jubilate because ?I have tapes, I have voices and they would blow your mind when you listen to them?, he told Scandal in an interview over the weekend.


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