Easter is around the corner. Most of the people observe this holiday traditionally by decorating colored Easter eggs, playing Easter egg hunts, going to church, making chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns, dancing etc. Easter games are also the best part that cannot be missed for kids on Easter party! And this article collects some of the most welcomed Easter games to share with you all.

Classic Egg Relay Game

What You Need

Hard-boiled eggs

Spoons (wooden or large metal ones)

How to Play

1. Create two teams of even numbers of participants.


Split those teams in two and have each half stand at opposite ends of the room or field depending on where you are playing.

3. Give each child a spoon and each team a hard-boiled egg.

4. Start the relay and then, as the children begin passing the eggs to the other teams, shout out “spin” or “walk like a duck.” The children then have to perform this action while crossing to the other player. Switch up the actions as much as you like during play.

Easter Bingo

What You Need

Make your own egg shaped bingo cards

Small candy, such as M&M’s, for markers

Easter basket to hold call cards

How to Play


Create your own cards using an Easter, April, or candybar theme. Easter theme might include: basket, egg, green, yellow, blue, bunny, chocolate. April theme might include: Umbrella, trees, rain, boots, raincoat, puddle, tulips. A candybar theme might include: Skor, Mr. Goodbar, Milkyway, Hershey, Kisses, Hugs, Joy (go to the grocery store for this one).

2. Another variation to create your own Bingo card: Write the names of all the children on pieces of paper and drop them into an Easter basket. Note: remove the names of any children absent that day.

3. Create a BINGO card with blank spaces. Across the top it will say “N-A-M-E-S”. Have the children go around and have their classmates sign their name to the spaces on the card. When all are done, have them sit down at their tables.

4. Play NAMES by drawing a name out of the bag. Play regular BINGO or blackout. If the children really like the game, then play “Postage Stamp” any 2×2 square (4 names) on the board, etc.

How Many Eggs?

What You Need

Large glass jar filled with chocolate eggs

Small pieces of paper

Easter basket


How to Play

Have children write their name on a small piece of paper and their guess as to how many chocolate eggs are in the jar. The child who guesses the right number or comes closest takes the jar of candy home to share with their family.

Egg Scramble

How to Play

1. To set up, first select one person to start off as the Bunny. The remaining players are the Eggs, who quietly (so the Bunny doesn’t overhear) each select an everyday color for themselves.

2. Next, decide on a home base for the Eggs, a starting point for the Bunny (about 10 to 15 feet away from the Eggs’ home base), and a round-trip course for the players to run, such as to a tree and back or once around the house. Have the Bunny and the Eggs gather at their starting points.

3. To play, the Bunny begins calling out colors. As soon as he calls a player’s color, that Egg takes off through the course, with the Bunny in pursuit. If the Bunny manages to tag the Egg before she can make it back to her home base, the players swap places and the Eggs all select new hues. If not, the Bunny tries again with another color.

Broken Egg Riddles

What You Need

Large eggs cut in two

Riddle written on the first half of the egg

Answer written on the second half of the egg

How to Play

Children go around and ask the riddle and the second child will give the answer. If the answers are correct, the two children who are matched up then sit down. Game is over when all children have matched up the riddle to the answer.

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