The Cancer Society of Ghana, has called for increased awareness education about the leading cancer risk factors, such as tobacco, alcohol, environmental, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, as the world commemorates World Cancer day.

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

A press release issued and copied to Ghana News Agency (GNA) by Professor E.K Wiredu, Chairman of Trustees, Cancer Society of Ghana said, the Charter aimed at the promotion of the research for curing as well as preventing the disease cancer, upgrading the provided services to cancer patients.

According to him, in Ghana the leading causes of the deaths in women are cervix, breast, Liver, stomach, and colorectum.

Also the causes of cancer deaths in men are cancers of the liver, prostate, stomach, lung and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (National Cancer Control).

He said: “We can together create healthy schools, workplaces, cities, promote education for many signs and symptoms of cancers and advocate for policies to support healthy life styles choices.

Mr Tally A Aseidu, Communications Coordinator, Cancer Society of Ghana said, the project to rose to 21.7 million cases per year by the 2030 and 8.2 million cancer deaths every year.

“Globally, the top five most frequent cancers are cancers of the lung, breast, coloretum, prostate and stomach and this has been a challenge for many who have been unable to vaccinate against hepatitis B infection after testing”. He added.

Mr Aseidu said as an individual there were choices one could also make towards reducing the cancer burden-quit, smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, adopt a healthy diet and improve the awareness about cancers.

He said there was the need to work to improve access to quality, affordable surgery, radiotherapy, essential medicines for persons affected by cancer and for vaccines for cancer-causing infections.

He said the Cancer Society of Ghana would continue to work together with other advocates to keep up the fight against cancer in the country.



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