Trudy Kernighan  Canadian high commissioner to Ghana
Trudy Kernighan Canadian high commissioner to Ghana

The Center for African Elections Media Monitoring Index (CAEMMI) will be launching a retrospective Media Research Study on the coverage of Ghana’s Election by the state-owned Print media from the year 1992 to 2008 on March 29, 2012, at the Canadian High Commission in Accra.

The research which is funded by the Canadian High Commission with support from the Center for Media Analysis (CMA), will map the trend of fair coverage, equity space to Women, Presidential Candidates, Political Parties, as well as coverage of Political Manifestoes by the state -owned media.

The objective of this project is to contribute to the sensitization of Ghana’s state- owned media on the need to provide all political parties with “ fair opportunities and facilities for the presentation of their divergent views and dissenting opinions” as enshrined in the Chapter 12: Article 163 of the 1992 Constitution.

The project also seeks to promote and enhance balanced electoral reporting and issue- based political debate in the (2012) election.

CAEMMI is an independent international organization committed to providing comprehensive, informative Index data on Electoral related issues and promoting democratic governance processes in Africa by engaging Elections Media Monitoring Intelligence Tools (EMMIT) in media research.
The Canadian High Commission in their effort to promote democratic governance, to ensure peace and unity in Ghana has extended support to CAEMMI in undertaking this project.


Dr Messan Mawugbe (PhD) Executive Director of CAEMMI
Dr Messan Mawugbe (PhD) Executive Director of CAEMMI


Messan Mawugbe (PhD)

The Executive Director

Contact media relation desk: 0544700638, 0243810866


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