Students at Coventry University

Canada has urged Ghanaian students to utilise its world class research facilities and academic institutions in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Mr Ahmed D. Hussen, the Canadian Minister of Migration, Refugees and Citizenship, told the Ghana News Agency, in an interview Accra, that the students would benefit from rich but relatively cheaper programmes; and Research and Innovation on a number of issues relevant to the progress of their societies.

They would also get the opportunity to work, while in school, Mr Hussen said, and in the end return home with their knowledge, creativity and skills to create jobs for themselves and other Ghanaians.

“Canada also benefits, and of course; these graduates become very good ambassadors for us,” he said.
Additionally, under the Global Research Strategy of Canada, Mr Hussen said, Ghanaian researchers could undertake research in developmental issues and return home to utilise their findings to facilitate national development.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear that his Government would like to see more legitimate visitors to Canada to contribute towards prosperity of the nation with their rich and diverse experiences,” he stated.

These include international students, tourists, business travellers and skilled workers”.

“Our duty is to facilitate their travel, create a welcoming environment for integration and make sure they have fruitful endeavours,” he said.

As of May 2017, more than 1,300 Ghanaians students were studying in Canada.

In 2015, Canada hosted 1,380 Ghanaian students; while more than 1,500 Ghanaians participated in the Ninth Annual Education Fair held in Accra, in January this year. More than 30 Canadian institutions took part in the Fair.

On the building of partnership between Canadian and Ghanaian institutions to offer some of their unique programmes locally, Mr Hussen said, Canada would like to see that happen soon, while the existing collaboration grew stronger.

“Our institutions are run autonomously by boards; but they are very welcoming to such partnerships; and we are always very excited to see such stronger partnerships abroad,” he said.

Madam Heather Cameron, the Canadian High Commissioner, said there were a number of research partnerships between some Canadian institutions and their Ghanaian allies, including the University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Development Studies.

The research themes cover Engineering, Health, Agriculture and many others.

Mr Hussen, who was in Ghana for two-day official visit to strengthen bilateral cooperation on Migration, Education, Trade and Investment, particularly, has since returned home.

Source: GNA/