Is there such a thing as the ‘perfect’ personal mentor? Does that person actually exist? Generally, the answer sadly, is probably not. It’s about as likely as ever finding the perfect person. Yes, some will have many good qualities and an extensive skill set in certain areas of life or business, but may lack experience in others. A mentor may have spent years in the clothing industry, for example, and know all there is to know about this particular sector: they may have been there, done it, printed the T-shirt and more than likely manufactured it too.Still, that won’t guarantee that they will have knowledge or experience of other business sectors to be able to offer an effective personal mentoring solution for someone wanting to break into the music or property development industries. You would probably need to seek more targeted advice on those matters from mentoring experts like X Factor’s Kelly Rowland or Dragon’s Den’s Duncan Bannatyne. Mind you, even they can never be the font of all knowledge or be able to answer every single question that a mentee might possibly throw at them. There’s absolutely no guarantee that they’ll be in a better position to be able to offer guidance and advice on areas in which they have either little experience or knowledge. What’s the point of a mentoring service?If there is no such thing as the perfect mentor, then you may then quite rightly wonder what the point of a mentoring service is. Why subscribe to a service if you can’t guarantee you’ll always get the answers you’re looking for? Well, fortunately that’s a much easier challenge to deal with. A mentoring service is able to bring together a wide selection of mentors from differing backgrounds. Collectively the service will be able to boast broad and varied experience in a wide variety of businesses and industries. It’s the sum of the knowledge that is crucial, rather than one specific speciality.Think of it as a collective knowledge resource if that’s easier. The likelihood is that one or more of the mentors will be able to deal with the issues the mentee raises, or if not, will know someone who can. In its own way mentoring for either business or careers is all about networking and picking up advice and resources from the people who’ll have probably already faced some of the dilemmas that the mentee now faces. It’s the job of the mentoring service to bring these resources together, match the pupil to the teacher and make the resources easily accessible to those mentees who subscribe to the service.

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