Remember this near quote of yours; “if they can do this to their own, you can just imagine what they can do to their opponent”

Mahama Does this quote mean you are rather happy about it and as a result your sudden mute, deaf and blind on the many unfortunate voilence that happened during your party’s Parliamentary and Presidential Aspirants elections?

Does this mean, this is exactly what we should expect you doing to all the other political parties in the 2016 election?

An election where you and the NDC party will be coming at the other political parties with gun shots, intimidation of their polling station agents and disenfranchising voters in their strong holds through the show of voilence?

An election where there will be destruction of the EC materials, snatching of ballot boxes with CRIMINALS/ARMROBBERS/MACHOMEN, the removal from the EC register of names of voters and its subsequent bloat with ghost names by your NDC party?

Are these what NPP, PPP, PNC, CPP, NDP, UFP and other political parties should be expecting from you and your NDC party in the 2016 election just like how NDC did during the Talensi 2015 by-election?

Mr President Mahama, can you promise and assure Ghanaians a VOILENCE FREE ELECTIONS come 2016?

We at Critical Thinkers Intl and I believe all Ghanaians are waiting for a speedy answer and also a CONDEMNATION of the many VOILENCE that sprung up during your party, NDC’s November, 2015 Parliamentary and Presidential aspirant election from you.

Thank you and may God be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa…. 00233246913905 / 00233209676413

Critical Thinkers Intl
[email protected]


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