In unity we stand but in division we fall! Let us look at this case scenario. There is a formidable army that has at its disposal an arsenal of modern weapons, money and teeming with spies that they can easily plant in the enemies’ camp as moles.


Very weak and fragmented armies decided to take on the strong army. They felt as many and fragmented as they are, they can fight the stronger army from different sides, thus, the eastern, western, northern and southern flanks, at the same time.

They believe by their method, the stronger army will be confused if not overwhelmed by their tactic, to send them into disarray and subsequently defeat them.

Will their tactic work, as fragmented and confused as they are? Will they not be stronger if they pulled their forces together to face their common enemy? Because they are not united, they face the uphill battle of getting people to have trust to invest in them to enable them defeat their enemy.

They feel it is a waste of money, time and energy to hope on them to achieve any meaningful success with regard to defeating their common enemy.

Let us relate this to the numerous opposition parties in Ghana. Do they all accept the fact that the NDC is toying with Ghana; embezzling public funds, incurring unprecedented national debt for Ghana through reckless loans that she takes with the subsequent dubious squandering of same loans?

Does, say PNC or PPP hope to win election 2016 on their own? Are they living in the real world should they honestly entertain the hope of winning the election on their own? They can aspire to win the election but to believe that they can, will amount to one living in the fantasy world.

Do the opposition political parties acknowledge the fact that the NDC as a government and party have ruined the economy of Ghana and so do sincerely want to see them booted out of office?

If they do, then they have the obligation to unite now to face off NDC, their common wayward opponent or political enemy. They should not wait until the first round of the election has been conducted before they decide to unite against NDC in any likely runoff election. It may be too late by then.

Has experience not taught us a bitter lesson? Have we learnt any lesson from that experience? What was the experience I have in mind? In the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections, many a sympathiser of NPP did not vote during the first round

When the unexpected happened, and there was to be a runoff, they started running helter-skelter, making frantic efforts to go and vote for Nana Akufo Addo BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. The harm was already done hence the corruption and the economic hardships faced by Ghanaians today.

I am always not straight forward. Do the reading public get the message I am trying to pass to Ghanaians, especially the leaders of the opposition parties?

Rickson Adobo always speaks in parables and it is up to the reader to either ask him to explain them or crack the enigma themselves.

Have I become your enemy for telling you the truth? Do you kill the messenger? I shall continue to guide you to the right political path regardless of any reservations you may have.

Source- Rockson Adofo


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