Outlook mail client serves n number of users mainly for emailing purpose and for contacts storage while it also gives out the option to store journals, notes, tasks, calendar entries, etc. Even after provisioning high-tech features, sometimes Outlook is not preferred by users in fact they prefer an email client that supports the MBOX file format as the MBOX format is considered as a highly versatile file format for being supported by n number of email clients without any issues or limitations. At such point of times the bafflement faced by users is what makes them ask ‘can I import Outlook mail to MBOX’ which is a query resolved by a several number of ways but to know about the most ideal way to perform the conversion refer the below mentioned segment that talks about it.

Situations That Arise The Need Of Outlook to MBOX Converter
There are a range of situations that makes the users convert their PST database into MBOX file format like the change in organizational structure, job change, email client change, etc or any deficiency in the Outlook email client.

The situations can range from the lowest to the highest without even having a solution but as they say there is no problem without a solution hence, here we will be discussing the solutions as well as the advantages of converting PST into MBOX.

The main advantage of this type of conversion is that the MBOX file format is supported by Entourage email client and the Entourage email program supports a range of highly advantageous lineaments some of which have been listed below:
a) Email Consolidation helps the users to get access of their email messages as well as their voicemail messages into their MBOX mailbox this way they can not only access it on their systems but can also get the access of the same on their phone as well.

b) Management Of Time can be done with the help of Entourage as it is very much easy to create or communicate a database to other users which saves a lot of time allowing the users to manage their time efficiently.
c) Scheduling can be done via email as the Entourage supports the scheduling of meetings or events that can be double checked with the attendees as well in order to ensure if they are attending the meeting.

Outlook to MBOX Converter
If you are also stuck with the same query ‘can I import Outlook mail to MBOX’ then you are still unaware about the Outlook to MBOX Converter as it is one of the most opted software solution by the users for converting PST data safely into MBOX format.

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