Having a good record deal is the topmost dream of most artistes (musicians) in Ghana and Africa as a whole. This is because they do not gain much from album sales that is if they want to make a living with doing music.

Playing shows is also another venture where musicians make some amount of money. But not all of them get the chance to be on such platforms.

This makes gaining a world record deal one of their topmost priorities which they work hard at. Musicians in Africa who have benefited from such huge record deals are Jon Gremain whose deal got terminated just last year, Dbanj, P Square and a whole lot more.

One main musician who has gained the attention of music listeners in the world and could be on his way in signing a world record deal this year is Elome Adablah popularly known as E.L. Undisputedly, E.L is one of the versatile musicians Ghana has ever had. He is a rapper, a singer and a beat producer as well.

He is the one behind hit songs like ?Obuu Mo?, ?Kaalu?, One Ghana for your pocket and a whole lot of hit tracks.

Now the question is, comparing E.L to the other musicians in Africa who have earn good record deals with record labels worldwide, could he be on his way in signing such a world record deal?

Because previewing the kind of work he has been doing since the release of his first single, good music videos, good management, good branding and most of all his talent, he is no different from the musicians who have gained such recognition (P Square, Davido, Wizkid, etc). So if the above qualities are conceded in signing a record deal, then there is no argument E.L is on his way to sign a world record deal.

Even though the music world has not seen the other sides of E.L lately, aside sticking to the Azonto movement, it still doesn?t narrow his chance on being on track to sign a world record deal this year. As we all have lived to see, language is never a barrier in selling outside Africa.

So we just hoping his talent and hard work will land him a deal with an international company this year. Since our brothers from Nigeria for the past years have had good history from such deals are equally good as him.

Source : KAY-konkonsaafrica



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