After his sudden departure from the Black Stars team has Kevin-Prince Boateng numerous pleas from various quarters for his return.

The former Black Stars ‘ temporal poster boy ‘ has a wonderful career in club, AC Milan and it is only healthy and humane that people call for his return in the Black Stars team.

Former GFA boss, Alhaji Lepowura thinks the return of Kevin Jawula MOS could easily be brain by Marcel Desailly, who himself on the verge of being named as the coach of the Black Stars was recently.

According to the former President of the FA, the return of Kevin lies in the hands of the coaches who around him and he has spoken with Marcel to look at the possibility of getting the Ghanaian-born German back in the crease.

“I have spoken with Marcel Desailly about the efforts that he needs to put in place to get Kevin back on board. I think if the coaches get in touch with Marcel, he may be able to help them. Some of these things are done by the coaches more than the players themselves “. He said

He touched on the relations of the player back in Ghana and said that a more accommodating atmosphere can help the AC Milan star measures because he has no relationship in the country.

“He knows nobody here. He gets down, is to the hotel, plays the matches and rays back. He should so maybe some people around him to feel like more Ghanaian “Alhaji observed.

“Nobody begged to be in the Black Star team. Who needs to be captured but what Kevin said and what is happening in the media should put some sense because he says he comes to Ghana when he doesn’t feel at home “.

According to Alhaji, Kevin is someone who is not “our food, he is not part of our culture, our land, so obviously he doesn’t know” he wouldn’t feel at home if he goes to Ghana.

Thanks to this issue said the former boss that can be taken a cue from the former France International Kevin’s problem to be settled once and for all.

He believed that Marcel Desailly a similar fate upon return to Ghana from its European base camps some years back, but because he has family in the country, the former Chelsea ace feels more at home and has comfortably settled.(although he did not play for the stars)

That is why he asked that Marcel should be used as the gateway to Kevin-Prince Boateng back into the Black Stars team.

After his exploits in the 2010 world cup in South Africa, was the German-born Ghanaian international involved in a pair of Black Stars play in which his performance was put under critical eyes.

He eventually announced retirement of the Black Stars team citing fatigue and ill-health as the reason.

He’s been in sparkling form for his scoring and assist in many goals for the club Rossoneris. He got the only goal in a league game for his club against Genoa on Wednesday night.

Benjamin Agyei-Boateng/


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