WOMAN 2.1 Summit, the award-winning organization that develops and
empowers a new generation of women leaders in Africa, has added her voice to calls to cast out any
attempts by the Senate of the Republic of Nigeria to legalize underage child marriage.
In a campaign dubbed ?Nurture a Girl so that you can marry a Woman?, the organization stated that
?underage child marriage is worse than child slavery. Any law that allows Child Marriage is not only
degrading and enslaving but nation-wrecking and killing. A 13-year old Girl must be educated and
empowered, not married long before she can even vote. We stand in solidarity and we lend our voices
for the girls silenced by the Senate in Nigeria. As mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, we demand the
protection and empowerment for all Nigerian girls; not their enslavement.?
Mr Benjamin Gregory Aggrey, the founder of WOMAN 2.1 Summit added ?Nigeria as a nation will be the
biggest loser if the intended child marriage bill is passed.? The very future development of any country
is periled if the empowerment of girls and women is not protected. The ?Nurture a Girl so that you can
marry a Woman? campaign is calling on all men and women, organizations and civil societies to rise up


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