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Civil society organizations on Friday launched a campaign aimed at tracking promises made by political parties in Zambia during elections in order to keep a tab on them.

The Campaign Tracker Project, launched by Action Aid Zambia and the Zambia Center for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID), with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), was also aimed at creating a platform for dialogue between stakeholders in line with social accountability.

Nalucha Ziba, Action Aid Country Director said during the launch of the campaign that citizens enter into social contract of delegating duties and authority to elected officials through voting hence the need for the politicians to regularly and constantly be appraised by citizens on the promises made during the campaign period.

“The campaign is meant to track promises which political parties make to citizens during campaigns in election period,” she said.

The campaign was also premised on resource mobilization and where the financing of the various promises will come from, she added.

According to her, the campaign will also provide a platform for citizens to monitor and assess the extent to which promises made during elections have been fulfilled through an evaluation.

The evaluation was anchored on four area, namely broken promises, fulfilled promises, promises that are yet to commence and compromised promises.

Meanwhile, Zambia ruling party called on other political parties not to frustrate it as it delivers on its campaign promises.

Mumbi Phiri, the ruling party’s deputy secretary-general said during the launch that the party was ready to be held accountable over its campaign promises.

While acknowledging that the party may face challenges in fulfilling some of the promises, the ruling party official added that the party remained committed to ensuring that it delivered on the promises it made. Enditem

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