Social media
Social media

Cameroon Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Daniel Mekobe Sone on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction with “rampant misuse” of social media in the country.

“Cyber space has become an excellent platform for freedom of expression without law and faith. It has become a court where everybody is judged and condemned without recourse to courts of law. A veritable space for defamation.” Sone said in the capital, Yaounde, while opening 2019 Judicial Year.

He said Cameroonians especially in the political landscape have abused social media in defiance of the laws of the land. He stressed that the law must be applied without fear or favor.

“As much as we want freedom of expression, we must ensure that citizens act within the law,” he said.

In his traditional address to the youths on Feb. 11, President Paul Biya expressed concern that social networks have become “the source of worrying excesses” in the country and often induce people to adopt positions that are “offensive to the authorities” in violation of the law. Enditem


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