Cameroon and Chad

Cameroon’s House Speaker of National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on Friday urged the Cameroonian government to fully implement the new law on decentralization that seeks to grant greater power to local councils and regions.

“Members of Parliament have played their part. Therefore, while awaiting the promulgation by the President of the Republic, we ask already, the government to ensure the effective implementation of all the provisions of the new law,” Djibril said at the close of an extra ordinary session of the National Assembly


On Wednesday, the lower house of parliament approved the new legislation which is expected to deepen and accelerate the decentralization process in local councils and guarantee local development.

“The advent of this law constitutes a turning point in the implementation of decentralization in Cameroon. It has in it, the instrument which consolidates national unity and integration as well as the will of Cameroonians to live together, a harmonious living together,” Djibril added.

It has in it, the instrument which comes to redefine the local political field, the nature and the roles of the actors in the decentralized territorial authorities, said Djibril.

The new law also granted special status to the country’s troubled English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest, creating two new elected organs for regional affairs, the bicameral Regional Assembly and the Regional Executive Council.

Djibril urged Cameroonians to cease from “destabilizing the country” and contribute to nation building.

“Our ambition is to lead Cameroon to its emergence by 2035. So let’s develop in ourselves, the culture of emergence,” he said. Enditem


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