gold output

Cameroon which is known to have deposits of gold, is set to construct a gold mine that has the capacity to produce 280 kg monthly, sources in Yaounde said Wednesday.

gold output

According to the sources, a total of 10 million U.S. dollars investments have been made since the start of the gold exploration activities about ten years ago until the completion of the industrial mining site for gold production.
Gold mining in eastern Cameroon will be done by a consortium comprised of state owned Cameroon Mining Company (CAMINCO) and South African as well as Dutch investors.
“Cameroon is rich in gold. We shall start operating the first gold mine in the country. The period between November 2015 and March 2016 is crucial for us, because it is the time we are expected to start operations,” Jack Rogoyski, the exploration director for CAMINCO told Xinhua.
Rogoyski affirmed that he had taken the risk of executing the project within a context of insecurity due to the proximity of the operation zone to Central African Republic which has been witnessing a political crisis since 2012, resulting in armed groups carrying out frequent attacks in Eastern Cameroon. Enditem



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