“As at now, ONMC has 7,200 medical doctors and statistics from the Ministry of Public Health indicate that there are only 2,100 medical doctors who are civil servants, with about 50 percent of them only in the cities of capital Yaounde and economic capital Douala,” Tetanye told Xinhua on Wednesday.


“You should understand that most of the trained medical doctors are leaving the country to go and work abroad, particularly in well-developed western countries in Europe,” he said.

“The highest salary of a medical doctor in Cameroon is only about 200,000 CFA francs per month, which is very low. That is why we of the ONMC are appealing to the government to raise their monthly earnings so as to prevent more from going and working abroad,” he added.

He said that the real doctor-patient ratio is closer to one doctor per 40,000 inhabitants in the country, adding that in remote areas such as the Far-North and East Regions, the ratio is closer to one doctor per 50,000 inhabitants.

Meantime, the country’s lone Faculty of Medicine in Yaounde is unable to meet internal demand because it trains only about 100 medical doctors annually. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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