Mega Ran and Klopfenpop - The Call- 8-Bit Anniversary Edition - coverBefore there was Mega Ran, the Teacher/Rapper/Hero who resigned to become a full-time rap artist, there was Raheem Jarbo, full time educator who moonlighted as Random, an MC from Philadelphia.

Random’s debut album, ?The Call,? released upon a heartless, ice cold Philadelphia hip-hop landscape: one reeling from the hard-hitting street style of rap popularized by Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and other Philly rappers who had dominated the scene. The Call was different…and it was that difference that made it stand out.

The 21-track album was praised by bloggers and publications for its honestly, spirituality, and innovative production style. It produced tracks like ?Push,? whose video was nominated for an Australian short film award. Now 8 years later, the album is re-mixed, remastered and reset. Mega Ran meets Random in the ultimate team-up,?THE CALL: 8 BIT ANNIVERSARY EDITION.

?The Call: 8 Bit Anniversary Edition??is a 10-track sampling of Ran’s favorite tracks from the original album, re-worked into an 8-bit chiptune style by Seattle artist and producer Josh ?Klopfenpop? Klopfenstein ( and mastered by Matt ?Storyville? Weiss, who had an associate executive producer role on the original album as well. The results are refreshing, as the old becomes new again.

??I can’t believe this came out as well as it did,? Ran says. ?These songs are completely new to me, it’s really inspiring. I feel like I was such a different person when I made this album, I was in such a dark space, but revisiting them in this way shines a new light on some of my old favorites. It’s the most fitting tribute ever; the best way to chronicle the transformations that have happened with me in these 8 years.?

Klop agrees.?Among other things, I hope this album is evidence that carefully crafted chip-hop can hold it’s own alongside straight hip-hop in any context.? Klopfenpop has previously remixed tracks for I Fight Dragons (Atlantic Records) and others, but this is his first full-length chiptune project, and the first completely original chip-hop project by Ran.



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