UN Resident Coordinator and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative, Mr Alberic Kacou

UN Resident Coordinator and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative, Mr Alberic Kacou, said local experts should share their expertise with fellow citizens when it comes to such matters.Mr Kacou made the comments in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday during an audience with the IPP Executive Chairman, Reginald Mengi.

“Conflict prevention is of essence. Former UN Secretary General Koffi Anan insisted on that. Tensions related to mismanagement of a country’s resources can be avoided through openness in concluding contracts.”Legal experts can help in contracts negotiations to reach better terms with multi-lateral companies. Information regarding the benefits to be accrued should be shared to the population instead of being regarded as a secret. Wealth must be returned to the people,” Kacou insisted.

Mr Kacou said Africa has the obligation to build the capacity to map out its resources and the UN was prepared to assist on the undertaking.”Tanzania is a unique country in terms of generosity among its people, there are available resources such as minerals, natural gas, national parks. Proper investment and controlled revenue collection will benefit generations to come,” he said.

Since UNDP is here to work closely with the government and other stakeholders to help improve the lives of Tanzanians, he said, the country has been able to identify priorities and the energy sector which is the engine of many other sectors has to be number one and should be affordable to the people.

Tanzania is the fourth country in which Mr Kacou has served as Resident Coordinator (RC). His extensive experience in the field of development includes, capacity building, electoral assistance, crisis prevention and trust fund management for regional integration.

The UN chief was responding to a question by Mr Mengi who inquired about the best approach towards exploration, exploitation and distribution of national resources for the benefit of the nation.”I am not opposed to invitation of multi-lateral companies but the partnerships should be based on a win-win situation,” Mr Mengi said.

By BILHAM KIMATI, Tanzania Daily News


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