CAL Bank has indicated that it will focus on retail and mortgage financing as a strategy to grow its earnings this year.

This will see the bank double its funding to retail customers and small businesses as well as the mortgage sector.

Managing Director of CAL Bank, Frank Adu Jnr disclosed this to JOYBUSINESS at the bank’s Annual General Meeting on Friday.

CAL Bank’s profits for last year shot up by over 100 percent to 18.3 million Ghana cedis.

Last month, the bank concluded an arraignment to raise 75 million cedis from three institutional investors. These include private equity fund, African Development Partners I, French financing company PROPACO and SSNIT.

This should help the bank achieve the 60 million cedis capital required to operate ahead of the December deadline.

The arraignment will put Cal Bank’s stated capital by the end of May to 100 million cedis.

Source: Joy Online


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